A Full-Featured Netflix Client for Windows Phone 7

“What was that movie called?” Never again! Next time, use 7Flix to immediately add a movie or TV show to your Netflix queue.

7Flix is a Netflix client for Windows Phone 7 Series phones. This initial release includes all of the features you need to view and manage your queues. Even if you don’t have a Netflix account, you can use 7Flix to view detailed information about movies, TV shows, TV episodes, actors, directors, etc. using the Search feature.

7Flix brings Netflix to your fingertips, wherever you are – all you need is an active internet connection. Built with finger-friendliness in mind, 7Flix allows you to easily swipe left or right to toggle between your queues on the Home screen. When viewing a Netflix title you may swipe left or right to view the synopsis, episodes, cast, similar titles and more.

This release of 7Flix is feature-packed but we have more features in mind which will be incorporated in future releases. The 7Flix team is dedicated to provide the best Netflix application available on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform. We also want to hear what you want to see – the built-in feedback feature allows you to quickly report any issues or suggestions you may have.


  • Manage your Netflix Disc, Instant, Saved-Disc, and Saved-Instant queues.
  • Add, remove, and reorder items in your queue.
  • Search for movies, TV series, and TV episodes.
  • View average and predicted ratings and submit your own ratings.
  • View detailed information on movies, TV series, and TV episodes, including:
    • Synopsis
    • Cover Art
    • Rating
    • Episodes
    • Cast
    • Directors
    • Discs
    • Genres
    • Similar Titles
  • View detailed information on cast members and directors, including:
    • Biography
    • Photograph
    • Filmography


  • Windows Phone 7 Series device.
  • Network connection.

How to Buy

You may purchase 7Flix from the Zune Marketplace. Check it out today using your Zune software.